Choir18 brings together singers from several choirs in the Hertford area
to perform a wide repertoire in some of Europe’s most amazing buildings.

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A10 Strings & Broxbourne Chorus

contact: David Boarder at [email protected]



In May 2008 some of us sang with another choir at the main Sunday morning Mass in St Mark’s in Venice. From this experience came the idea of Choir18.

The choir’s first year included a weekend in Brussels singing at the Cathedral and Eglise St Jacques, Sunday services at St Edmundsbury Cathedral in late August and a concert at All Saints Church, Cambridge celebrating the 40th birthday of The Churches Conservation Trust.

Since January 2010 we have sung at Great St Mary’s, Michaelhouse and the Round Church in Cambridge, St Edmundsbury, Ely, Norwich, Peterborough and Southwark Cathedrals, St Albans Abbey, Waltham Abbey Church and the University Church in Oxford, St Andrew’s Hertford, St John’s Epping and Place House in Ware.

Each year we take the late May holiday weekend away singing in some stunning venues:
2010: Basilica S. Lorenzo in Florence, amphitheatre in Lucca, the Baptistry and the Cathedral in Pisa
2011: Strasbourg Cathedral, St Pierre-le-Jeune and Marmoutier Abbey
2012: mass and concert at the Basilica of St Francis in Assisi
2013: Freiburg Münster, St. Alban Bad Krozingen and St. Trudpert in Munstertal
2014: National Gallery and St. Matthias Church in Budapest and Pannonhalma Abbey
2016: Italy - Lake Garda: Garda, Sirmione and Lazise
2017: Spain - Seville, Cadiz and Córdoba

This year’s weekend away is - maybe - in Amsterdam.

Choir18 has a 'pool' of about 40 singers. We take on a 'gig' when we have a quorum of 14+ and a good balance within the parts. We are always looking for new singers to add to the 'pool'. Please contact David Boarder for further details at [email protected]
Programme - St Mary's Standon October 2017

Gibbons: O clap your hands together
Purcell: Thou knowest Lord the secrets of our heart
Britten:  A Hymn to the Virgin 
Ešenvalds: Only in Sleep
Gjeilo: Unicornis Captivatur
Whitacre: Her Sacred Spirit Soars
Arlen: Somewhere over the rainbow
Oakland: Java Jive

Programme - St Edmundsbury Cathedral ~  lunchtime concert for Remembrance Day November 2017

Farrant: Call to remembrance
Purcell: Thou knowest Lord the secrets of our heart
Purcell: Remember not Lord our offences
Bairstow: I sat down 
Daley: In Remembrance
Duruflé: Tantum ergo
Hughes: Perhaps
Guest: For the Fallen
Stanford: Justorum animae
Stopford:  For the beauty of the earth

Earlier concerts​​

May - Ely Cathedral (Lady Chapel)  ~  lunchtime concert
May - Spain - Seville, Cadiz and Córdoba
July - St Edmundsbury Cathedral ~  lunchtime concert
October - St John's Epping
October - St Mary's Standon
November - St Edmundsbury Cathedral ~  lunchtime concert for Remembrance Day


February ~ Waltham Abbey Church ~  Music for lunch
April ~ Great St Mary's, Cambridge ~ lunchtime concert
September ~ Waltham Abbey Church ~  Music for lunch
October ~ St John's, Epping ~  lunchtime concert
December ~ Southwark Cathedral ~  lunchtime concert

September ~ High Beach Church ~ Sunday afternoon concert
December ~ Southwark Cathedal ~  lunchtime concert
December ~ St Andrew's Church, Hertford ~ lunchtime and carols concerts

February ~ Waltham Abbey Church ~  Music for lunch
February ~ Southwark Cathedral ~  lunchtime concert
April ~ Ely Cathedral ~  lunchtime concert
May ~ National Gallery and St. Matthias Church in Budapest and Pannonhalma Abbey
October ~ Southwark Cathedal ~  lunchtime concert
December ~ Southwark Cathedal ~  lunchtime concert

January ~ Peterborough Cathedral ~  lunchtime concert
April ~ Great St Mary’s, Cambridge ~  lunchtime concert
May ~ Freiburg Münster, St. Alban Bad Krozingen and St. Trudpert in Munstertal
July ~ Place House, Ware
September ~ Southwark Cathedal ~  lunchtime concert
October ~ St John's, Epping ~  lunchtime concert
November ~ Michaelhouse, Cambridge ~  lunchtime concert

February ~ Waltham Abbey Church ~  Music for lunch
March ~ 'Round' Church, Cambridge ~ lunchtime concert
April ~ St Edmundsbury Cathedral ~  lunchtime concert
May ~ St Dunstan’s Church, Hunsdon
June ~ Basilica of St Francis in Assisi
September ~ Ely Cathedral ~  lunchtime concert
December ~ Southwark Cathedal ~  lunchtime concert

March ~ University Church of St Mary
May ~ Strasbourg Cathedral, St Pierre-le-Jeune and Marmoutier Abbey
June ~ St Edmundsbury Cathedral
September ~ St Laurence (Handel's Church), Little Stanmore
October ~ Norwich Cathedral ~ Sunday services
December ~ Southwark Cathedal ~  lunchtime concert

January ~ Great St Mary’s, Cambridge ~  lunchtime concert
April ~ Ely Cathedral ~  lunchtime concert
May ~ Basilica S. Lorenzo in Florence, amphitheatre in Lucca, the Baptistry and the Cathedral in Pisa
August ~ St Edmundsbury Cathedral ~  lunchtime concert
September ~ St Dunstan’s Church, Hunsdon
November ~ Southwark Cathedal ~  lunchtime concert

January ~ The Borough of Broxbourne​ ~ Sunday afternoon Beaufort Concert
May ~ Brussels Cathedral  ~  lunchtime concert
August ~ St Edmundsbury Cathedral ~  lunchtime concert
October ~ All Saints, Jesus Lane, Cambridge ~ lunchtime concert
for The Churches Conservation Trust


Choir18 has its own library of around 200 pieces ranging from 16th-century Gabrieli to 21st-century Arvo Part, Eric Whitacre, Gabriel Jackson, Ivo Antognini, Ola Gjello et al.

The high standard of the many professional choirs ensures a constant supply of new pieces and our conductor, David Boarder, spends many hours trawling through recordings on Youtube (many of them fairly awful) searching out new pieces. We like those where the composer has something individual to say.

We are fortunate to have excellent sight-readers in our choir who are not phased by the dissonances and the rhythmic patterns which so many 'now' composers explore and we have 2 sub-basses who can plumb the depths of the bottom C which is becoming ever more popular.

We all sing in other choirs and look to Choir18 for something different which we can learn in 2 rehearsals and add to the repertoire. Each programme has a mix of old favourites and pieces new.

These are the 60+ pieces we sang in 2017

Antognini Beati omnes - Arlen Somewhere over the rainbow - Bairstow I sat down - Bairstow Let all mortal flesh keep silence - Brahms How lovely are thy dwellings - Britten  A Hymn to the Virgin - Bullard Cantate Gloria  - Byrd Haec Dies - Carissimi Plorate filii Israel (Historia di Jephte) - Chilcott Tallis Canon - Conrad The Continental - Daley In Remembrance - David You are the new day - Dove I am the Day - Dunhill Early one morning - Duruflé Requiem - Duruflé Tantum ergo - Ešenvalds Only in Sleep - Farrant Call to remembrance - Gabrieli Jubilate Deo - Gibbons O clap your hands together - Gjeilo Northern Lights - Gjeilo Ubi caritas I - Gjeilo Ubi caritas II: Through Infinity - Gjello Unicornis Captivatur - Grainger Country Gardens  - Guest For the Fallen - Harris Faire is the heaven - Healey Willan I beheld her, beautiful as a dove - Healey Willan  Rise Up, My Love, My Fair One - Hitch Fifteen Miles on the Erie Canal - Hogan I Can Tell the World  - Hughes Perhaps - Kern The way you look tonight - McCartney Nowhere man - Mealor Beata es, Virgi Maria - Mendelssohn How lovely are the messengers (St Paul) - Morley Fyre, Fyre - Oakland Java Jive - Phillips Ascendit Deus  - Purcell Hear my prayer, O Lord - Purcell Remember not Lord our offences - Purcell Thou knowest Lord the secrets of our heart - Rachmaninov Bogoroditsye Dyevo (Ave Maria) - Rodgers Blue Moon - Rutter The Lord is my shepherd - Saint-Saëns Ave Verum - Sheppard Music to hear - Stanford Beati Quorum  - Stanford Coelos Ascendit - Stanford Justorum animae - Stanford For the beauty of the earth - Tallis If ye love me - Turner Tequila Samba  - Turner This pie's too big - Whitacre Her Sacred Spirit - Soars - Whitacre Lux aurumque - White The Lark in the clear air
Music sourcing

At the last count Choir18 has spent about £12k building its library - generally 25 copies in a set. There seems to be very little market for second-hand music so it's good to lend/hire-out or exchange sets which we are not using.  If you are interested in some sort of 'deal' please get in touch.

Music to exchange/lend/hire-out/sell
Byrd ed Brett : Mass SATB [S&B] ~ 26 in vgc
Byrd ed Brett : Mass SAATB [S&B] ~ 25 in vgc
Cecilia McDowall : Christus Natus Est [OUP] ~ 50 in vgc
Chilcott : Ophelia, Caliban and Miranda ~ 35+ used once ~ good piece and not difficult ~ I also have instrument parts
Fauré ed Rutter : Requiem [Hinshaw Music = same as OUP] ~ 47 in vgc ~ also a FS and set of orchestra parts
George Shearing : Songs and Sonnets [Hindon] ~ 30 in vgc ~ piano+bass+drums
Gjeilo : Serenity / O Magnum Mysterium ~ 50 some new others in vgc
Jenkins : The Peacemakers ~ 50+ some new, others used once
Jenkins : The Armed Man ~ 40+ some new, others used once
Mozart : Six Motets [Faber] ~ 30 in vgc
Orff : Carmina Burana ~ 46 vocal scores, some new, others used once
OUP Opera Choruses ~ 50+ some new, others used once
Parry : Blest Pair of Sirens ~ double choir [Novello] ~ 40 some new, others used once
Peter Skellern : Six Simple Carols [Novello] ~ 30 in vgc ~ Were you there? is a really good song
The Kings Singers : G&S Here's a Howdy Do [Hal Leonard] ~ SATB + piano ~ 30+ in vgc
Vivaldi : Gloria [OUP - beware several editions & different numbering] ~ 30+ in vgc ~ also a FS and set of orchestra parts
Will Todd : Every Stone Shall Cry ~ 40+ used once
Will Todd : Angels Song II ~ 55 used once
plus many of the 60+ we sang last year - see above - and lots more so please ask emai: [email protected]

Broxbourne Chorus

BROXBOURNE CHORUS began in January 2012 as a new community SATB choir for adults and students age 16+.

The choir rehearses on Monday evenings 7.30-9.30 at Hoddesdon Baptist Church, Burford Street, Hoddesdon EN11 8HX. 

In the past five years the choir has sung a range of ‘singles’ from many periods and in many different styles and joined with other choirs to sing Verdi Requiem, Carl Orff Carmina Burana and Karl Jenkins The Armed Man.

The current membership is around 30. We are keen to recruit more singers so that we can expand our repertoire. There is no audition. We are looking for extra singers. It is not essential that you can read music but you do need to sing in-tune and make a clear ‘straight’ sound.

If you think you might like to join the choir you are very welcome to come to a rehearsal to see how you get on. The second rehearsal of the term is always an open rehearsal – you can come and sing with us for the evening without any further commitment.

The subscription is £45 per term and members either buy their own scores or pay a hire fee for them. NB there is no subscription fee or music hire fee for under-18s – we want to encourage young people to come and sing.

For further details please email [email protected] or see our website at

Most recent concert

April - St. Augustine’s Church, Broxbourne     
John Rutter Requiem

November - Waltham Abbey Church
Catherine Wild ~ oboe + Liz Kirkwood ~ cello + Trish Shaw – soprano + Robin Pegna - baritone + Jonathan Lilley ~ organ
Brahms How lovely are thy dwellings - Gjeilo Ubi caritas II: Through Infinity - Mendelssohn How lovely are the messengers (St Paul) - Rutter The Lord is my shepherd - Saint-Saëns Ave Verum - Duruflé Requiem

A10 String​​

The A10 Strings began nearly 20 years ago as a ‘Starts-Again’ for those who learnt at school and had just taken their instrument up again. Alongside them were others who are learning as adults. 

Now we have a mix of these players and others who come to help us in the concerts.

There are no formal entry requirements: the emphasis is on enjoying making music together. New members are welcome to come to play, or initially to just watch a session.

The orchestra meets 3/4 times per term on Saturday afternoons 2.30-5.00 or Wednesday evenings 8.00 – 10.00 at Roselands School, Highwood Road, Hoddesdon ENII 8TR

If you would like to know more about the orchestra please contact David Boarder : tel: 07876 444701 email: [email protected]
Coming soon

Most recent concert:

February - St John's Church, Epping
William Boyce Symphony no.1
Bach Brandenburg Concerto no.4 in G 

- soloists: Nick Gazey – violin, Jane Rose & Catherine Wild – recorders]
Vaughan Williams Rhosymedre
Ernest Tomlinson Country Dance
Karl Jenkins Palladio

November - Waltham Abbey Church
Bach - Brandenburg Concerto no.3 in G major
Elgar - Serenade for Strings
IrelandThe Holy Boy
StraussTritsch-Tratsch Polka